Commitment to Clinical Excellence and Patient Safety
We will provide patients with the highest quality and safest care possible.

Commitment to Respect Patients and Their Families
We will treat patients and their families with care, respect and professionalism.

Commitment to Patient Privacy and Confidentiality
We will maintain patient privacy and protect the confidentiality of medical care.

Commitment to Prompt and Efficient Medical Care
We will provide medical care promptly and efficiently.

Commitment to Clear and Accurate Information
We will provide patients with clear and accurate information regarding their health status and necessary follow-up.

Commitment to Patient Satisfaction
We will monitor patient satisfaction routinely and take action to continuously improve our service.

Commitment to Communication with Referral Sources
We will respond consistently to the needs of referring physicians and other health care professionals who are participating in the patient’s care.

Commitment to Mutual Respect and a Positive Work Environment
We will create a positive work environment by treating all students, staff and physicians with dignity and respect.