Ben Zmistowski, MD

Benjamin M. Zmistowski, MD

Specializes In
  • Orthopedics
  • Shoulder & Elbow


Sees Patients For

Orthopedic surgery, shoulder and elbow surgery, rotator cuff repair, shoulder replacement, elbow replacement, shoulder fracture, elbow fracture, shoulder stabilization, shoulder and elbow arthritis, shoulder and elbow instability, arthritis of the shoulder, elbow injuries in the athlete, labral injuries, frozen shoulder.

Hospital Affiliations

  • Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital



Academic Title(s)

Assistant Professor, Orthopedic Surgery

Research Interests

Outcomes of surgical and non-surgical management of rotator cuff tears. Outcomes of shoulder replacement. Long-term outcomes of elbow replacement.

Publications & Research

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Fellowship: Shoulder and Elbow Surgery

2020 Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO

Residency: Orthopedic Surgery

2019 Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

Medical Degree

2014 Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA