Are you Medicare eligible?

This federal government program is designed for all Americans over age 65, regardless of income. Younger patients with disabilities may also be eligible. You can sign up for traditional Medicare Part B, where the government pays for physicians services directly or you can sign up for one of several private Medicare Advantage plans administered by private insurers that pays for your medical treatment. You can renew your coverage in the traditional Medicare Part B or Medicare Advantage Plan during open enrollment (or change periods) or you can switch plans during open enrollment.

Washington University Physicians participate in the following Medicare options including Traditional Medicare Part B and the Advantage Plans listed below; however, we recommend that you verify with the plan’s customer service representative that your Washington University provider is in its provider network prior to your appointment.

Medicare options – Missouri only unless stated otherwise

Medicare – Medicare Part B (called traditional Medicare) is managed by the government agency called Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services or CMS. This plan issues a red, white and blue enrollment card. For information or to enroll call 800-633-4227.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – ChampVA


  • Aetna Employer Group Sponsored Medicare Plans HMO
  • Aetna Freedom Plus PPO
  • Aetna Medicare 1 HMO POS
  • Aetna Medicare Advantra 1 HMO-POS
  • Aetna Medicare Advantra 2 HMO
  • Aetna Medicare Assure Gold Prime HMO D-Snap
  • Aetna Medicare Assure HMO D-SNP
  • Aetna Medicare Eagle PPO
  • Aetna Medicare Elite PPO
  • Aetna Medicare Gold Advantage Prime HMO
  • Aetna Medicare Gold Advantage Value Prime HMO
  • Aetna Medicare HMO
  • Aetna Medicare Missouri Preferred
  • Aetna Medicare Open Access
  • Aetna Medicare PPO
  • Aetna Medicare Premier Advantra PPO
  • Aetna Medicare Premier Plus PPO
  • Aetna Medicare Premier SM Advantra PPO
  • Aetna Medicare Value Advantra PPO
  • Aetna State of Illinois Retiree Medicare Plans HMO


  • Anthem BCBS Medic Blue Access Basic PPO
  • Anthem BCBS MediBlue Access PPO
  • Anthem BCBS MediBlue Dual eligible D-SNP
  • Anthem BCBS Medicare Advantage HMO
  • Anthem BCBS Medicare Advantage PPO
  • Anthem BCBS Medicare Preferred
  • Anthem BCBS MediBlue Plus HMO


  • Cigna Preferred Medicare HMO
  • Cigna True Choice Medicare PPO
  • Cigna True Choice Courage Medicare PPO
  • Cigna True Choice Savings Medicare PPO


  • CoxHealth Medicare Advantage HMO

Essence HealthCare WashU Specialists Only, Primary Care Physicians are Excluded

  • Essence Advantage (HMO)
  • Essence Advantage Plus (HMO)
  • Essence Dual

Health Alliance

  • Health Alliance MLS Medicare Advantage HMO
  • Health Alliance MNH-Medicare Advantage Iowa/Nebraska HMO
  • Health Alliance MNP-Medicare Advantage Iowa/Nebraska PPO
  • Health Alliance MSI-Medicare Advantage State of Illinois HMO
  • Health Alliance M02-Medicare Advantage Riverside Simplete HMO 2 Tier
  • Health Alliance M03-Medicare Advantage Riverside Simplete POS 3 Tier
  • Health Alliance M05-Medicare Advantage Care + Simplete HMO 2 Tier
  • Health Alliance M06-Medicare Advantage Care + Simplete POS 3 Tier
  • Health Alliance M07-Medicare Advantage Richland Simplete HM01 Tier (includes MMAI Medicare Integrated)


  • Humana – Gold Choice Network PFFS
  • Humana – Gold Plus HMO (Illinois and Missouri)
  • Humana – Gold Plus HMO-SNP
  • Humana – Medicare PPO
  • Humana – Medicare PPO Employer PPO Plus

United HealthCare (UHC)

  • UHC – AARP Medicare Advantage Choice Plan 3 Regional PPO
  • UHC – AARP Medicare Advantage Choice Plan 2 Regional PPO
  • UHC – AARP Medicare Advantage
  • UHC – AARP Medicare Advantage Choice Plan 1 PPO
  • UHC – Group Medicare Advantage HMO-PPO Missouri
  • UHC – AARP Medicare Advantage Passport
  • UHC – AARP Medicare Advantage Patriot
  • UHC – AARP Medicare Advantage Walgreens PPO
  • UHC – AARP Medicare Complete Choice PPO
  • UHC – AARP Medicare Complete Plus Plan 1 HMO/POS
  • UHC – Dual Complete Choice Regional PPO D-SNP
  • UHC – Dual Complete HMO D-SNP H0169-002-000
  • UHC – Medicare Advantage
  • UHC – Medicare Advantage Assure
  • UHC – Medicare Advantage Choice
  • UHC – Medicare Advantage Focus
  • UHC – Medicare Advantage Patriot
  • UHC – Medicare Complete Essential MO
  • UHC – Medicare Complete HMO
  • UHC – Medicare Direct Patriot (PFFS) – NO DRUG COVERAGE
  • UHC – Medicare Direct Rx (PFFS) – WITH DRUG COVERAGE
  • UHC – Medicare Silver/Gold Plan PPO C-SNP
  • UHC – Medicare Solutions
  • UHC – MTM.Medicare/Medicaid Dual eligible Product D-SNP
  • UHC – Nursing Home Plan HMO I-SNP
  • UHC – Nursing Home Plan HMO-POS I-SNP
  • UHC – Nursing Home Plan PPO I-SNP
  • UHC – Passport


  • WellFirst Medicare (authorizations may be required for some services)