To make an appointment, call 314-362-7216.

For pediatric appointments, call 314-454-6018.

For cancer/oncology inquiries, call Siteman Cancer Center at 800-647-2098.

Washington University hematologists specialize in collaborative care for patients with blood disease. Although primary hematologic disorders account for only a small number of patients with medical illnesses, they represent a much larger component of medical complications, leading hematologists who work closely with other specialists in the course of patient care. 

We know it is important to educate patients about their blood disease and treatment. Our trained and certified hematologists encourage patient participation in treatment. That is how you know you are receiving the highest quality and compassionate care.

Hematology services

Hematologists from Washington University treat patients with blood disorders including:

  • Patients with non-malignant disorders, including diseases of red blood cells and platelets
  • Coagulation and fibrinolytic pathways
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Hemophilia 
  • Polycythemia vera and ITP (immune thrombocytopenic purpura)

Our hematologists offer inpatient consultation at Barnes-Jewish Hospital as well as outpatient treatment at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, the Center for Advanced Medicine, the Center for Advanced Medicine – South County and Christian Hospital (Medical Office Building 2).  We also treat patients with hematologic complications from non-hematologic diseases and therapies.

Young Adult Sickle Cell clinic

Patients age 18-26 now have access to the Young Adult Sickle Cell clinic. This special program provides:

  • Coordination between pediatric and adult physicians
  • More frequent and longer appointments
  • Comprehensive stroke prevention program
  • Access to clinical trials for eligible patients
  • Coordinated appointments with other specialties         

Young adult treatment is available at the Center for Advanced Medicine and at Christian Hospital.

Adult Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders Center

Patients with bleeding, clotting and other hematologic disorders receive comprehensive care at our Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders Center. Using our multidisciplinary approach, patients can:

  • See a variety of specialists in one convenient appointment
  • Use our specialty pharmacy
  • Receive education on infusion and drug administration
  • Maintain the best quality of life possible

Patients are seen at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, the Center for Advanced Medicine, the Center for Advanced Medicine – South County and Boone Hospital Center.