Transferring a patient to Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Call the Transfer Center at 314-747-3251 or toll free 800-252-3627 for a direct admission or transfer a patient. You will be connected to physician specialist within minutes so your patients can be directly admitted for faster care. This line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Transferring a patient to St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Call Children’s Direct at 800-678-4357 to admit or transfer a patient. You will speak with a pediatric nurse or facilitator. In most cases, the nurse will immediately arrange a conference call among the referring physician, an accepting physician at St. Louis Children’s Hospital (SLCH) and the call facilitator, who together will develop a plan for the transfer and admission. In addition, key information about the patient will be documented so that preparations can be made for the patient’s arrival. The physician at SLCH will provide medical oversight of the patient by phone during the transport.

Maternal fetal transport

Call 800-678-4357 to refer women in labor who need specialized transport. Every maternal fetal transport will include a three-person team: a high-risk obstetrical nurse to care for mom, a neonate trained nurse to care for baby in event of delivery, and a St. Louis Children’s Hospital paramedic. Transport is provided by ground or air, via three mobile intensive care units (MICUs) and a fixed-wing aircraft dedicated to transporting maternal fetal patients and critically ill newborns and children.