Washington University physical therapists manage movement dysfunction and enhance physical and functional abilities through high-quality patient care. The physical therapy specialists promote optimal physical function and health and wellness, and participate in the advancement of movement science.

Washington University physical therapists will evaluate the collection of systems that interact to produce and support movement of your body. We will provide you with the personalized care and education you need to understand and correct your movement impairment.

Our physical therapists provide comprehensive physical therapy services to adults and adolescents with muscle imbalance, movement dysfunction, and/or pain related to musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, or cardiopulmonary diseases, conditions or injuries.

Washington University physical therapists treat patients with:

  • Movement impairments and/or posture problems related to pain and disease, acute and chronic conditions or injuries of the neck, back, shoulder, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle or foot
  • Recurring headaches
  • Facial pain and weakness
  • Diabetic foot problems
  • Sports injuries
  • Incontinence and pelvic pain
  • Lymphedema treatment and management
  • Management of overweight and obesity
  • Health, fitness and wellness

For more information, visit the Physical Therapy website.