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The Washington University specialists in Pediatric Infectious Diseases provide consultation in the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases in children – especially rare or difficult to treat infections, including HIV/AIDS.

Conditions treated in children include:

  • Common and uncommon infectious diseases or disorders such as fever of unknown origin, recurrent infections, or rashes of unknown type
  • Bacterial infections of bones, joints, lungs, lymph nodes, brain, and skin
  • Infectious disease complications of other underlying problems
  • Management of recurrent MRSA infections
  • Lyme Disease

Other Clinical Services

Project A.R.K. (AIDS/HIV Resources and Knowledge)
Project A.R.K. provides for the medical, psychosocial and educational needs of HIV-infected children and their families living in the bi-state region (eastern Missouri and southern Illinois).

Ortho ID Clinic
This clinic treats children with infections of bones, joints, or muscles.  In the Ortho/ID clinic, patients receive one-stop care from their Infectious Diseases physician and Orthopedics surgeon or nurse practitioner. 

Travel Clinic
The travel clinic will provide pre- and post-travel consultations for any person traveling for work, leisure, volunteering or studying abroad.

International Adoption Clinic
The International Adoption Clinic is a resource for newly adopted children to receive a thorough screening for infectious diseases and a review of vaccination needs. The children also receive developmental/neurologic evaluations, hearing assessments, and occupational and physical therapy referrals, as needed.