Before Your Visit

  • At least a day before your virtual visit, log in to MyChart to finish eCheck-In. This provides us the information needed to start your visit. If you need help with eCheck-in, call 314-273-1966 or (toll-free) 866-273-1966.
  • If you will be using your smartphone or tablet, please make sure you have the latest MyChart app. If you will be using a computer for your visit, you do not have to install the apps.
  • See tips to prepare for your virtual visit.

Connecting To Your Visit

  • From MyChart, go to Visits and select your appointment. Select Begin Video Visit
  • For pediatric appointments, both child and parent/guardian must be present for the entire video visit.
  • You can start your visit up to 30 minutes in advance. We recommend joining early.
  • If it’s less than 30 minutes from your visit and you can’t join, reload the page. If you need help connecting, call 314-273-1966 or (toll-free) 866-273-1966.
  • Remain in the virtual waiting room until your provider joins. In some cases, your provider may be running behind. We encourage you to stay connected for at least 15 minutes after your scheduled visit time. 
  • If you get disconnected during the visit, you can reconnect up to 30 minutes past the start time.
  • If you haven’t connected by your visit time, our staff will call to see if you need help. If they can’t reach you and you haven’t joined by 10 minutes past the scheduled visit time, we will cancel the visit and contact you to reschedule.