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Pediatric hematology/oncology specialists offer a full range of clinical services for pediatric patients. We care for more than 150 new oncology patients each year and evaluate more than 300 new hematology patients per year, resulting in more than 600 children who are actively followed and treated by our team.

Care for our patients is provided by Siteman Kids at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, one the top pediatric facilities in the country. Our pediatric cancer programs include:

Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Program

Our multidisciplinary team includes cancer specialists, neurosurgeons, therapists and nurse coordinators, among others. Innovative treatments include different types of drugs, radiation therapy, surgery and access to clinical trials.

Cancer Predisposition Program

This program focuses on identifying and monitoring children who are at higher risk of developing cancer due to genetic factors. Diagnostic testing, genetic screening and family history is used to determine which children may be at increased risk.

Clinical Trials

Washington University specialists are leaders in developing new pediatric cancer treatments. Clinical trials test new medications and procedures to see if they are safe and effective.

Late Effects Program

This program follows all children who have completed their cancer treatment. We assess and monitor them for long-term side effects and recommend treatment options if late effects occur as a result of their cancer treatment.

Siteman Cancer Center’s Survivorship Program

The clinic helps survivors manage the continuing emotional and physical side effects of pediatric cancer treatment. Our survivorship program includes resources to help patients manage symptoms. A dedicated school liaison works closely to help patients transition at all levels of education.

Melanoma and Nevus Clinic

This program diagnoses and treats children with unusual moles and melanoma, the most aggressive form of skin cancer. Our clinic coordinates care for these conditions which often requires treatment by multiple specialists.

Stem Cell Transplant and Cellular Therapy Program

Our highly experienced transplant team treats conditions — including lymphoma, leukemia, many solid tumors and some immunodeficiencies — with stem cell and bone marrow transplants, as well as cellular therapy. Transplants can come from a donor who is related to the child, or from an anonymous donor. In many cases, a bone marrow transplant can cure sickle cell disease.