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If your child has a skin disorder like pediatric acne, warts, vascular lesions (at birth or after birth) or other dermatologic conditions, Washington University’s pediatric dermatologists are certified and dedicated to treating your child using the latest available methods. We’re proud to have a team of top pediatric dermatologists to serve children and adolescents.

Find the right pediatric dermatologist

Children cannot always say, express or describe what is bothering their skin. They sometimes cannot answer medical questions and can get impatient in a medical exam. So, finding the right pediatric dermatologist is very important.

Each of Washington University’s pediatric dermatologists is expertly trained in dermatology and pediatrics, and has specific knowledge of the needs of children’s skin. We work closely with other specialists at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, including immunologists, rheumatologists, allergists, geneticists, surgeons and plastic surgeons. Our pediatric dermatologists treat children’s skin conditions and help their parents better understand skin ailments and how to treat and cope with them.

Pediatric dermatology services

Washington University’s pediatric dermatologists provide comprehensive and sophisticated dermatologic care for children and adolescents. Services include diagnosis and treatment of:

  • Skin biopsies and small excisions
  • Laser treatment of vascular lesions
  • Wart treatment
  • Hair and nail diagnoses
  • Laser treatments
  • Excisions

Patients are treated at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Specialty Care Center.