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Provides consultation and counseling for patients with suspected genetic conditions, inborn errors of metabolism, hereditary cancer and family history of genetic disease. It is one of the largest medical genetics services in the St. Louis area.

The pediatric genetics team provides services for:

  • Genetic/congenital syndromes, such as fragile X syndrome and 22q (also known as DiGeorge syndrome)
  • Hereditary conditions, such as Marfan syndrome and sickle cell disease
  • Inborn errors of metabolism, a group of genetic diseases in which the body cannot turn food into energy
  • Cytogenetic disorders, or, diseases that affect chromosomes, such as Down syndrome or trisomy 18 or 13
  • Abnormalities of newborn screening tests
  • Familial cancer syndrome, also referred to as hereditary cancer syndrome
  • Genetic disorders that cause neurologic problems
  • Autism and intellectual disability