Washington University Physicians Billing Service (PBS) handles all billing for any service provided by a Washington University physician practice. PBS coordinates the billing to the insurance claim offices and provides follow-up services. However, it is the patient’s responsibility to pay for a service, whether by private or public insurance or self-pay. All patients of Washington University Physicians are eligible for our assistance in collecting payment from their insurance companies, managed care organizations and HMOs for their medical charges.

Please click here; choose “Pay My Bill” for a one-time payment. If you have a MyChart account, please log in to your account to process your payment.

How can I inquire about my balance?
Call the Patient Services line at 314-273-0500 or toll free 800-862-9980 to access the 24-hour automated inquiry system to check your account balance or pay your bill. Select option 3 to pay by credit card or select option 4 to speak to a representative during our business hours (8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday). For questions regarding Healthcare Exchange Marketplace plans, select option 5.

You may mail your payment to the post office box shown on your bill.

What payment options do I have?
You can establish a payment plan through MyChart or contact a representative at 314-273-0645. If you have difficulties paying your balance in full, financial assistance may be available.

Why am I receiving bills from the hospital and Washington University School of Medicine for the same services?
Washington University bills for all physician services, while the hospital is responsible for the billing of facility charges. For example, when you have an X-ray, two bills will be generated. Washington University bills for the radiologist reading of the film, and the hospital bills for the use of the equipment and the cost of the film itself.

How would I inform you of my new insurance information?

You can:

  • Update your information in MyChart, your patient portal
  • Present your physician’s office with your new identification card on your next visit
  • Contact the Patient Services line at 314-273-0500 (option 4) to speak with a representative

Whose responsibility is it to obtain payment from the insurance company or HMO?
The patient is responsible for payment. However, we are happy to process the invoices and bill the insurance carrier on your behalf. We submit and follow-up with the carrier on your claim in an attempt to reach resolution. An itemized statement will be provided to the patient showing all amounts due after the insurance company has processed the claim. This may take several months, so we ask for your patience.

If a patient or provider sends X-rays or test results from an outside institution, the diagnosis must be confirmed by a Washington University Physician. We are required to bill the insurance in effect at the time of consult (the date the physician provides the service.)

What insurance is accepted?
See list of accepted health insurance.

Physicians Billing Services does not process, submit or collect for hospital charges. This is because the physicians are employed by Washington University and work in a number of different hospital or outpatient settings. You will receive a separate bill or statement from the hospital, facility or service you used—for example, from Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Missouri Baptist, Children’s Hospital or from other facilities. However, our staff will be happy to help direct any patient with billing and collection questions to the most appropriate source. We do not gather medical information about you, obtain referrals from your primary doctor or collect related documentation for patient visits. These are handled through the physician offices when you are scheduled to consult a Washington University physician.