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Washington University cancer risk counseling service for gynecologic cancers was developed to serve families desiring current information regarding the inheritance of cancer, genetic testing for cancer predisposition and individualized cancer risk assessment as it relates to their family history of cancer.

In particular, this service was designed to help women from families in which one or more close relatives have developed a gynecologic cancer to assess their individual risk for developing cancer, as well as to discuss methods of early detection and possible prevention.

Gynecologic cancers include cancer of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, vulva, vagina and cervix. It is not uncommon in families in which multiple members have gynecologic cancer to also find individuals with breast cancer.

Individuals may be at increased risk for developing an inherited form of cancer if they have:
several relatives with cancer,

  • A close relative who developed cancer at an early age
  • A close relative who has/had more than one kind of cancer
  • A relative who has/had a rare or unusual cancer 
  • A relative with cancer affecting both of a paired organ (i.e., both breasts)

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