Living well through the Washington University Living Well Center®

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There are many reasons one might need the Washington University Living Well Center®. Do you need to improve your health before surgery? Maybe you are looking for a way to avoid surgery altogether. Do you want to lose weight, quit smoking? Have you just been diagnosed with cancer and want to optimize your quality of life during and after your treatments?

The specialists at Washington University Living Well Center know that nothing is more important than your health. From sleep and nutrition to exercise and mental health, many factors can impact your overall well-being.

Your care team includes Washington University physical and rehabilitation expert Devyani Hunt, MD, physical therapists, a registered dietitian, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, physiatrist and a licensed rehabilitation counselor — experts in musculoskeletal health and its link to general health. This team works together to empower people to reach their health, wellness and functional goals.

Dr. Hunt explains, “The Washington University Living Well Center not only helps people with chronic pain, but with lifestyle intervention and physical rehabilitation. People come to the Living Well Center plagued with chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. These conditions are often caused or exacerbated by poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, inadequate sleep and smoking.

The Living Well Center helps people optimize surgery (such as losing weight or lowering A1C in order to qualify for a knee or hip replacement), avoid surgery altogether (by reducing inflammation, pain and need for medications), or meet health goals like losing weight or quitting smoking. There is also a cancer survivorship program that helps people feel better and rehabilitate after cancer treatment.”

Your personal wellness program is designed specifically for you — based on your detailed assessment and evaluation. We conduct an initial consult assessment and provide recommendations in nutrition, physical activity, sleep, mental health and substance use. Your coordinated care program may include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Aerobic training
  • Behavioral health counseling
  • Manual medicine
  • Medical massage
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Physical therapy
  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight loss program

Participants can expect to see health improvements within 90-120 days. Results may include less pain, improved strength and stamina, weight loss, controlled diabetes and/or lower blood pressure. Some patients even report complete chronic-disease reversal.

Take the first step to living well and find out how the Living Well Center can help you. Call 314-514-3565 or make an appointment online.

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