Tiny Tongues, Big Decisions

The early newborn stage comes with many decisions like how a parent wishes to feed their baby and what method is best for them both. If a mother decides to nurse her baby, she may feel additional pressure if breastfeeding difficulties are added into the mix. One problem that is often evaluated for while navigating […]

Who’s Who at an Academic Medical Center

Have you ever been to an academic medical center and wondered what health care team members were caring for you or a loved one? Knowing the providers you are receiving treatment from is an important part of participating in your treatment. These are the providers you may see and their roles: Attending Physicians An attending […]

Test Your Functional Rhinoplasty Knowledge

Functional rhinoplasty can be a breath of fresh air to patients with nose troubles. Take the quiz below to find out more about this helpful procedure. For more information or to make an appointment with Washington University Otolaryngology, please call 314-362-7509.

Don’t Be a Winter Warrior: Snow Shoveling Safety

When you think of winter, you may picture a person bundled up shoveling snow. For some people, this common activity can pose a risk to their heart. Take the proper precautions this winter to keep your heart healthy when you need to clear your sidewalks or driveway. Wintertime is associated with an increase in heart […]

A Fast Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a dietary strategy that involves only consuming food during set periods of time. The focus is on when you eat, not what you eat. There are different types of intermittent fasting. One common approach, often referred to as time-restricted eating, is to eat during an eight-hour window every day while fasting during […]

Is COVID-19 Over?

Do I still have to worry about COVID-19? The short answer is yes. Although the public health emergency ended in May, there has been an increase in COVID cases largely due to the new Omicron subvariant (a version of the virus). Although past infection and vaccination with the current bivalent booster offer you protection and […]

Diminish Discomfort with Pain Psychology

When people think of pain management, they often think of pain pills; however, there are many other treatments available. One of those options is pain psychology. Sarah K. Buday, PhD, provides valuable insight into what pain psychology is and how it can improve a patient’s pain. What is pain psychology? Pain psychology is the understanding […]

2023 Top Doctors®

Congratulations to our many physicians recognized on the 2023 Castle Connolly Top Doctors® List. The Top Doctors selection process is entirely merit-based. Doctors cannot pay to be listed. More information can be found at the Top Doctors website. This list is also published every August by St. Louis Magazine. View the Top Doctors of Washington […]

Three Harmless Genetic Quirks

Your curly hair, short legs, brown eyes and the hay fever you get every spring are not just by chance. All of these characteristics are passed down from your parents. The genes you inherit are the blueprint of the body. Sometimes, a change in a gene (or genetic mutation) can lead to unique features and […]

Tired of Fatigue? The Sleep Medicine Center Can Help

The occasional restless night is normal; however, when sleep troubles impact a person’s mental or physical health in a negative way, something more may be happening. Brendan Lucey, MD, director of Washington University Sleep Medicine Center, offers insight into sleep disorder symptoms, sleep studies and sleep disorder treatments. What are some symptoms of a sleep […]

Normal Aging vs. Alzheimer’s

You notice your mom’s memory has worsened with age. You ask yourself, “Is this normal or is there something deeper going on?” Identifying symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease compared to regular aging can be tricky, but knowing the difference is important for early intervention. Normal aging and Alzheimer’s are very different; however, both involve changes in […]

Pediatric Drowning and Prevention

If you are a parent, you might feel a stab of fear when thinking about the dangers posed when your child is around water. No one wants to be afraid to take their child swimming, which is why it is better to be prepared than to be scared. Jamie L. Kondis, MD, Washington University pediatric […]

Beating the clock on ticks and tick-borne illnesses

Tick warning sign in park

Weather conditions this summer are resulting in a very active tick season, especially in the Midwest. And where there are ticks, the diseases they carry are not far behind – ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, Heartland virus, and Bourbon virus. Washington University physician and infectious disease clinic medical director Thomas Bailey, MD, explains, “While […]

True or False LASIK Quiz

Vision correction can be life-changing for many. LASIK, which stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, is a modern method of vision correction. Did you know that Washington University has a designated LASIK Surgery Center? Take the quiz below to test your knowledge about LASIK. For more information or to make an appointment with Washington University […]

Benefits of MyChart

MyChart is a convenient, secure way to manage your health information online. Wherever you are, you can take comfort knowing that you have access to your records, appointments and more. Below are some of the great features that MyChart has to offer: 1. Provider Communication You can avoid having to make repeated phone calls to […]

The Basics of Joint Replacement

The arthritis pain in your right knee won’t go away. You’ve tried everything – pain relievers, cortisone shots, physical therapy and even stem cell therapy. Your doctor says that your best option to regain function is a replacement arthroplasty, commonly referred to as a joint replacement. If you or someone you know is considering a […]

Seven Days of Heart Self-Care

In honor of American Heart Month this February, we challenge you to give some love to your heart. Here is a seven day self-care plan that is sure to get you on the road to improving your heart health: 1. Healthy Eating for Your Heart Everyone has heard that they need to eat healthier, but […]

Don’t ignore that pregnancy itch

You expected some discomfort in your last trimester, but the itching of your hands and feet was more than you could stand. You felt silly calling the doctor, but after she listened to your symptoms, she wanted to see you right away. You had cholestasis of pregnancy.

Hernias large or small … can happen to anyone

Naval oranges

The bulge in your stomach started small, so you ignored it and hoped it would go away. Unfortunately, over time it became larger and more painful. You have all the classic signs of a hernia — it is time to see a doctor. What is a hernia? A hernia is caused by a weakening or […]

Oh, baby!

Baby getting weighed by pediatrician

Congratulations, you are having a baby! So many things to do to get ready for the newest addition to your family. Outfitting the nursery, stocking up on diapers, selecting that perfect stroller and car seat … and everything in between. But THE most important choice is your pediatrician. Marie Batty, MD, a Washington University pediatrician […]

Don’t let IBD cramp your lifestyle

Young woman with stomach cramps

You never knew when your abdominal pain and cramping was going to hit. You also had diarrhea, fatigue and blood in your stool. Your weight is decreasing day by day – and you weren’t even trying. This was not the stomach flu, but what was it? You had all the classic signs of inflammatory bowel […]

Earlier detection of Alzheimer’s disease is on the horizon

Alzheimers graphics

Alzheimer’s disease has always been diagnosed based on symptoms. You get lost driving home from the store. You can’t remember your next door neighbor’s name. You have trouble with a simple math problem. These unmistakable signs only appear late in the course of the disease, long after the brain is significantly damaged. An MRI brain […]

What is PMDD?

Sad woman

Every month, about one week before your period starts, your mood changes drastically. You are angry for no reason, anxious, depressed and feel out of control. This is not your typical premenstrual syndrome (PMS), but what is it? Most women know what PMS is, but there is another disorder associated with a woman’s menstrual cycle […]

WashU on the move

The following locations are now open or opening soon to better serve our patients. NOW OPEN Occupational Therapy NOW OPEN in Washington, Missouri Washington University Occupational Therapy has opened their sixth clinic location in Washington, Missouri. Occupational therapists (OT) help adults and children with a wide range of services, including helping people stay independent as […]

Leg and back pain … it comes and it goes

Man with back pain

Your leg and back pain disappears when you are sitting, but quickly returns when you are standing and walking. The pain radiates down your leg, causing weakness, stiffness and numbness in your legs and buttocks. This pattern of pain is a classic sign that you may have lumbar spinal stenosis — it is time to […]

What’s Your Health Care IQ?

take our health care IQ quiz

Put your health care knowledge to the test. For regular healthcare tips, sign up for Your Health Update, the newsletter of Washington University Physicians.

The sweet smell of … everything

Woman smelling hot cup of coffee

The first whiff of a morning cup of coffee. The irresistible fragrance of a beautiful flower. A cake burning in the oven. Most people don’t recognize the importance of smell in their lives – until they lose it. Unfortunately, one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19 is the loss of smell. Not being able […]

Medical genetics clinical services … compassion combined with counseling

group of multigenerational family

When you don’t know where to turn, turn to the medical genetics clinical services team of Washington University Physicians and St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Offering compassionate, high-quality consultation, they see patients with developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, autism, epilepsy, inborn errors of metabolism, hereditary cancer and family history of genetic disease. Patricia Dickson, MD, genetics and […]

Help for male infertility

Happy couple with pregnancy news

You and your female partner have been trying to have a baby, but with no luck. You have both been tested by fertility specialists and results indicate that you need to see a urologist who specializes in male infertility. Dane Johnson, MD, is a board-certified urologist at the Washington University Fertility and Reproductive Center. Dr. […]

MyChart users can upload advance directives

Doctor holding out hand

It should be on everyone’s to-list of health care planning, and MyChart has now made advance care planning documents (advance directive documents) easily accessible for you and your family – should the time ever come when those documents are needed. Users of the BJC/Washington University MyChart patient portal now have the option to add advance […]

What is Sjögren’s syndrome?

face drawn in the sand

When you told your doctor about your chronic dry eyes and dry mouth, you had never heard the words Sjögren’s syndrome before. Fortunately, your doctor did not ignore your complaint and paid attention to all your symptoms. She recommended a follow-up visit with a rheumatologist who diagnosed you with this relatively rare autoimmune disease. Washington […]

No pressure … KNOW how to lower your blood pressure

vegetables, blood pressure monitor

There are many important numbers to know, but no number is more important to your health than your blood pressure. According to American Heart Association guidelines, high blood pressure, or hypertension, is defined as a reading of 130 over 80. Washington University cardiologist Andrew Kates, MD, says, “High blood pressure puts people at risk for […]

Top Doctors®

Angela Brown, MD, Top Doc

Congratulations to our many physicians recognized on the 2021 Castle Connolly Top Doctors® List. Of the 936 physicians on the list, one out of every three Top Doctors in St. Louis is a Washington University physician. The Top Doctors selection process is entirely merit-based. Doctors cannot pay to be listed. More information can be found […]

When an athlete runs, it shouldn’t be the heart that races

young girl crossing finish line

It was just another college track practice for this 18-year-old Washington University female student athlete. She finished a light warm-up run, but all of a sudden her heart started racing and she got very lightheaded. A track and field athlete who is in great shape – what was going on? Washington University physician Mustafa Husaini, […]

Living well through the Washington University Living Well Center®

healthy foods and diet plan

There are many reasons one might need the Washington University Living Well Center®. Do you need to improve your health before surgery? Maybe you are looking for a way to avoid surgery altogether. Do you want to lose weight, quit smoking? Have you just been diagnosed with cancer and want to optimize your quality of […]