Benefits of MyChart

MyChart is a convenient, secure way to manage your health information online. Wherever you are, you can take comfort knowing that you have access to your records, appointments and more. Below are some of the great features that MyChart has to offer:

1. Provider Communication

You can avoid having to make repeated phone calls to your doctor’s office. Instead, use the secure Message Center to ask questions and receive medical advice straight from your care team to your device.

2. Refill Requests

Taking medications as prescribed is an important part of remaining healthy, however, refill delays can make skipping a dose more likely. Use MyChart to request refills so that you can remain on track with your prescriptions.

3. Test Results

Knowing your test results can feel like weight off your shoulders. MyChart allows you to view your results and your doctor’s comments within days.

4. Appointment Management

With MyChart, you can schedule new appointments, attend video visits with your provider, create shortcuts for appointments you schedule often and use eCheck-In to minimize paperwork at the doctor’s office.

5. After-Visit Summary

After your appointment is over, you can access a written summary that includes blood pressure, weight and other important vitals.  A list of current medications is at your fingertips, along with your physician’s notes about your visit.

6. Billing Preferences

Paying medical bills doesn’t have to be a headache. MyChart allows you to pay bills online, create payment plans, receive procedure estimates and much more. You can also view a copy of your health insurance card.

Find out even more that MyChart has to offer by signing up. There are three ways to create your account:

  1. Self-sign-up: Click here to utilize the self-sign-up method.
  2. Email from your provider’s office: During your office visit you will receive an email containing a link that automatically enrolls you in MyChart. Click the link and follow the instructions to activate and access your MyChart account.
  3. Activation code from your provider’s office: You can request an activation code from your provider’s office. When you receive the code, click here to activate.