Ana P. Uhlmann

Anita P. Uhlmann, DPT

Specializes In
  • Physical Therapy
Referral Type

Physician Referral Required

Languages Spoken
  • English
  • Spanish


Sees Patients For

Upper extremity and hand therapy, rehabilitation for musicians, nerve laceration and compression, traumatic and orthopedic injuries, tendinopathies, nerve and tendon transfer rehabilitation, arthritis, chronic pain management



Academic Title(s)

Physical Therapist

Research Interests

Nerve and tendon transfer rehabilitation in cervical spinal cord injury


Doctor of Physical Therapy

2017 Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO

Master of Music: Flute Performance

2009 San Francisco Conservatory of Music, San Francisco, CA

Bachelor of Music: Flute Performance

2005 Northwestern University School of Music, Evanston, IL

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