Lila Kertz

Lila C. Kertz, DNP, APRN, CPNP-CE, AE-C

Specializes In
  • Pediatric Allergy
Languages Spoken
  • English


Sees Patients For

Pediatric asthma, severe asthma, food allergy, allergic disease.

Hospital Affiliations

  • St. Louis Children's Hospital



Academic Title(s)

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Allergy, Immunology and Pulmonary Medicine


Doctor of Nursing Practice

2020 University of Missouri-St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

Certified Asthma Educator


Master of Science in Nursing – Nurse Practitioner

2000 University of Missouri - St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

Bachelor of Science, Nursing; Psychology minor

1996 St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO

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