Matthew L. Goodwin

Matthew L. Goodwin, MD, PhD

Specializes In
  • Orthopedics
  • Spine
Languages Spoken
  • English


Sees Patients For

Dr. Goodwin's practice focuses on taking care of patients with spinal tumors, including both metastatic and primary cancers of the spine, benign-aggressive lesions of the spine, other noncancerous lesions of the spine that may require significant surgical interventions (spinal infections, radiation-induced fractures), as well as the more common degenerative or traumatic conditions of the spine.



Academic Title(s)

Assistant Professor, Orthopedic Surgery and Neurological Surgery

Research Interests

Dr. Goodwin's research interests are centered around metabolism, particularly of intervertebral discs and of spinal tumors.

Publications & Research

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Fellowship, Spine Surgery

2019 Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Residency, Orthopedic Surgyer

2018 University of Utah Orthopaedics, Salt Lake City, UT

Medical Degree

2013 Cornell University-Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY

PhD, Physiological Exercise

2008 Auburn University, Auburn, AL