Nicholas A. Welko, MD, MS

Specializes In
  • Acute and Critical Care Surgery
Referral Type

Professional Consultation Only

Languages Spoken
  • English


Sees Patients For

Trauma, acute care and emergency general surgery, surgical intensive care

Hospital Affiliations

  • Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital
  • Christian Hospital
  • Missouri Baptist Medical Center
  • Progress West Hospital



Board Certifications

  • General Surgery

Academic Title(s)

Instructor of Surgery, Acute and Critical Care Surgery

Research Interests

Directed peritoneal resuscitation

Publications & Research

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Fellowship: Surgical Critical Care

2023 Washington University, St. Louis, MO

Residency: General Surgery

2022 University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Medical Degree

2017 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Master's Degree: Applied Anatomy in Biomedical Engineering

2012 Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

Bachelor's Degree: Biomedical Engineering

2011 Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH