Breath of fresh air

“Life-changing.”  Those are the words a 63-year old female patient recently used to describe the results she experienced after facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Gregory Branham, MD, corrected her deviated septum.

For years she lived with a severely deviated septum that greatly impacted her ability to breathe and smell.  While many people can live with small deviations in their septum, there are others who may benefit from surgical intervention.

Dr. Branham’s patient lived her entire life with a deviated septum –sinus infections and headaches were just a normal part of her daily routine. A severe infection finally convinced her that something had to be done.

“Dr. Branham gave me the most detailed and realistic information at the time of my consultation,” his patient wrote. “He spent all the time I needed to completely understand the surgery, post-surgery recovery, as well as what I could expect for results.”

Depending on where a deviation is located and how severe it is, other medical complications can occur as a direct result. Dr. Branham explains, “Problems include obstructed nasal breathing, blocked sinus passages that lead to sinusitis or drying of the internal mucosa – resulting in nosebleeds or a drippy nose. Congestion, allergies and obstructive sleep disorders can also be a result of a deviated septum.”

Surgical correction of a deviated septum may include septoplasty or rhinoplasty.

Septoplasty reshapes the septum to straighten a bend, reverse the deformation or to cut out the portion of the septum obstructing the airway.

Rhinoplasty reshapes the entire nose correcting both form and function.

“Dr. Branham is an artist. My nose has never looked better, but best of all, it works! After surgery I was able to take a breath for the first time through my nose since I was a toddler. I am sleeping better and waking more rested. My headaches are nonexistent, and I just spent a St. Louis allergy season without a sinus infection.”

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