Face it — Beautiful skin doesn’t happen overnight

Everyone knows regular exercise is the key to staying in shape, but not many people know how important professional facials are for maintaining healthy skin.

Like any fitness regimen, skin care must be done on a regular basis to be effective. A single facial won’t give you a long-lasting result, but the effect from regular facials and consistent application of the right products will last for years.

Facial treatments help maintain the health of the skin and correct certain skin conditions through various methods, such as deep cleansing, chemicals, low-light laser, therapeutic massage, masks and peels, topical creams and ointments and specialized products.

Kristi Reasons-Look and Kristin Green are licensed estheticians with West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University, and are specially trained in all areas of skin care. Kristi says, “Facials can both protect and enhance the exterior appearance of the skin — many people agree that with regular facials, chemical peels and medical grade skin care they can avoid surgery altogether.”

Through current skin health science and technology, numerous topical products are formulated with combinations of ingredients proven to reinforce and stimulate the production of dermal proteins, prevent their breakdown, provide hydration to the epidermis, and protect it from UV and cellular damage. Many of the ingredients perform more than one function to help restore or maintain glowing skin.

Kristin adds, “Regular skin treatments are especially important after cosmetic facial surgery to improve skin texture and color. Facial surgery enhances the structure and volume of the face; however, it does not affect skin quality. Immediate post-surgical facials accelerate tissue healing by resolving edema through lymphatic massage.”

For the best overall result, facial treatments should be a relaxing experience performed by a certified professional.

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