Is there a doctor in the house?

No MCATs required! The 2016 spring session of Washington University School of Medicine’s Mini-Med School (MMS) is now open for registration. MMS is now in its 17th year and is still considered one of St. Louis’ best kept secrets!

MMS offers an opportunity to become an educated healthcare consumer by learning life-saving information and skills, as well as the latest medical research from some of the country’s finest medical specialists. Forget about tests and don’t worry about term papers, just come and learn something new.

Perhaps you are a high school teacher who wants to bring something fresh and interesting to your students. Or, maybe you’re a stay-at-home parent who just wants to expand his or her horizons. Police officers, executives, musicians, attorneys and artists all are former students at Mini-Med School.

Each MMS course lasts eight weeks, with a two-hour evening session per week (two topics per class). In addition to the lectures, there are also several unique tours and hands-on labs. Class is located in the Eric P. Newman Education Center at Washington University School of Medicine.

MMS I meets March 22 – May 10, Tuesday evenings 7-9pm. MMS II meets March 24 – May 5, Thursday evenings, 7-9pm. (MMS I is a prerequisite for MMS II).

Tuition is $185 and includes lectures, labs, tours, syllabus and dessert. Enrollment is limited to 110 students.

Topics for Spring 2016 MMS I include:

  • High-Tech Surgery (with suture lab)
  • A Primer on Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Emergency Medicine Cases
  • Keeping the Beat: Restoring Rhythms of the Heart
  • Hepatitis from A to E
  • A Night on Pediatric Oncology (with patient presentation)
  • Healthcare Reform: How it Affects Doctors and Patients
  • Medical Ethics Cases

Topics for Spring 2016 MMS II include:

  • An Evening on Mental Health
  • Men’s Health: Erectile Dysfunction and BPH
  • Women’s Health Updates, Breast Cancer (with patient presentation)
  • Behind the Bandages with Microsurgery Lab
  • CPR certification
  • Physical Diagnosis and Anatomy Lab
  • Physical Therapy Lab
  • Knee and Hip Replacement

For more information, call 314-362-6585, or visit to register.