Updating the look of your online presence

Is that really your face in that photo? Today’s pictures are now posted, shared and liked in a matter of seconds – and you might not recognize the online version of yourself. It may be time to freshen your appearance for the sake of your personal, as well as professional image.

Washington University facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons Gregory Branham, MD, and John Chi, MD, are both experienced in the many options available to improve and refresh a man’s appearance.

“Professional success can be associated with putting your best face forward,” says Dr. Chi. “The goal of cosmetic surgery is to enhance your appearance – not change your identity.”

Dr. Branham adds, “Most often, our male patients say they are being told that they look tired, not old. The best way to achieve a fresh look usually involves eyelid surgery. This procedure reduces the bags and excess skin around the eyes.

We pay particular attention during this surgery to make sure a masculine appearance is the end result. It is important to maintain a horizontal eyebrow as well as not removing all the excess skin from the eyes. A too smooth appearance is the tell-tale sign of cosmetic surgery, and must be avoided in the male patient, in particular. It might not be fair, but men can get away with a few more lines and wrinkles than women.”

If a man is reluctant to try surgery, skin resurfacing is an excellent way to maximize facial rejuvenation while minimizing downtime. A superficial chemical peel, microdermabrasion or laser treatment can have dramatic results with little downtime. Peels and lasers can improve the quality of the skin and eliminate blemishes, acne scarring and sun damage. The improved skin tone and elimination of blemishes can significantly improve the facial aesthetic.

According to Dr. Chi, “Another option men often overlook is Botox®, an injectable treatment that can soften and occasionally eliminate wrinkles — especially around the eyes and forehead. Treatment is quick with usually minimal to no downtime afterwards.”

Successfully achieving a natural facial rejuvenation requires the development of an individualized treatment plan – skin care, non-surgical intervention and/or surgical intervention. A well-executed plan should leave an individual with a well-rested, refreshed and youthful version of themselves.

It’s important to find a board-certified surgeon who is aware of and understands the special considerations for cosmetic procedures in men versus women. The goal is not to turn back the clock as much as it is to bring out the individual’s best self.

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